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Goat Yoga? There Are 900 People On The Waiting List For This Fad

Proof that you can do yoga anytime and anywhere and in any situation, goat yoga is a thing in Oregon. No, not just a joke. But an actual thing.

The No Regrets Farm in Albany, Oregon features goat yoga that has become to popular that there’s now a 900-person waiting list to get your downward dog on with some uppity goats.

Watch this video below to check out the wonderment that is goat yoga.

Regulations are tightening up on this craze, so make sure you get your goat yoga on soon. Or you could just book a session with Wellnest and do one-on-one at-home yoga with your cat, dog, fish, snake or child. We all know that those are the most mischievous of animals.

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