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Kripalu Creates 1000-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Yoga teachers or the yoga teacher-curious, have you ever said to yourself: “I wish I could just do yoga forever.” With Kripalu’s newest 1000-hour yoga teacher training, you can essentially get a “doctorate” in yoga. While most teacher trainings are 200 hour, 300 hour or 500 hours, the famed Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health seemingly wants to create the most skilled yoga teachers on the planet (actual years of personal practice not included, of course).

The Kripalu program only accepts yoga teachers with at least two years experience teaching and with 300 hour or 500 hour trainings beforehand. According to Yahoo!, some of the master yoga teachers leading the program include Ana Forrest, Rolf Gates, Shiva Rea and Elena Brower. They are also training in all different modalities and for every stage of life.

“The 1000-hour yoga teacher training is part of Kripalu’s commitment to delivering extraordinary education to all students of yoga—especially those pursuing depth training. Our vision for this training is to establish field leadership in order to help strengthen and elevate yoga teaching as a profession,” said Micah Mortali, Director of Kripalu Schools at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. “We believe that the program will leave graduates well-positioned to thrive professionally, and will inspire them to bring new wisdom back to their students and communities.”

Learn more about the training on the Kripalu website. And if you’re just looking to enhance you personal practice–1 blissful hour at a time–book a session today with Wellnest. Go to mywellnest.com for more info!

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