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Change How You Feel With The 20-Second Hug

Some people are huggers and some people are just not. And, according to science and psychology, those people are missing out on some real-life healing. Sadie Lincoln, founder and CEO of barre3, said that one of the ways she keeps the connection with her hubby is by touching base every day with the 20-second hug.

How and why a 20-second hug? Studies show that prolonged physical interactions can reduce blood pressure, increase oxytocin levels (the bonding hormone) and make us feel more confident to deal with life around us. All you have to do is hold someone close and consciously for 20-seconds at the least. Any more than that is an extra perk! Hug for hours if you can.

“I can’t even believe its effects, and now we both crave it. It’s so nourishing. I can feel his heartbeat; we both calm the eff down when we slow down and realize what matters, ” said Sadie to mindbodygreen. “We are here to witness life together.”

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