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Even Skeptics Find Yoga Healing Despite Everything

How many people have you known who have discounted the healing benefits of yoga, taken a class and then instantly converted to a yogi?

Pretty much all of us! That’s why we love this story from a skeptical reporter at NPR who does yoga with preconceived notions, but then finds out it does exactly what it claims to do.

And you don’t need to articles on why…you just need to do it!

Here are some of our favorite quotes:

One why she didn’t want to go to yoga:

I did not want to join yoga class. I hated those soft-spoken, beatific instructors. I worried that the people in the class could fold up like origami and I’d fold up like a bread stick. I understood the need for stretchy clothes but not for total anatomical disclosure. But my hip joints hurt and so did my shoulders, and my upper back hurt even more than my lower back and my brain would. not. shut. up. I asked my doctor about medication and he said he didn’t like the side effects and was pretty sure I wouldn’t, either.


After complaining about the yoga class:

But it’s true that after yoga, climbing steps doesn’t hurt, waiting for Greek carryout promised 15 minutes ago isn’t irritating, and on the drive home my brain doesn’t do anything except drive. Does yoga work? I’d answer this, but working through the full BPP takes time.


Her pragmatically, skeptical answer:

What with lots of kinds of yogas, lots of different diseases, lots of different kinds of studies and difficult-to-quantify entities like mood or immune function, I’m giving up. I haven’t a clue whether yoga helps at all, let alone how. You’re on your own here. For myself, I’ll keep going, not because it’s not b.s. but because I like occasionally painless stairs and quiet brains. Besides, I’m finally getting competent at the infant version of the sun salute and I’ve learned never to look at the other people in the class. But I have no plans to advance to Beginning Yoga.

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