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Why Breathing Is The Most Important Part Of Yoga

More than athletic movement. More than a pretty yoga mat, or remembering to say your mantra. More than drinking green juice. If you can’t do the poses, the most important thing to remember is that breathing is the most healing part of yoga. Breath control can change your life, your moods, your energy levels and your mind.

In yogic science, they call this Prana, or life force. The average human being takes about 20,000 breaths a day and each breath ages us, changes us and oxidizes us. But what if you could regulate and control your breath? Breathing can help with more aspects of your body than you think–like your immune system, your brain and cellular health and even your digestion! Ever notice how your stomach always hurts when you’re anxious? You’re not breathing deep enough!

Patterned, regulated breathing are some of the core teachings of yogic science.

Herbert Benson, a doctor from Harvard Medical School, wrote a book on breathing and the relaxation response which is the opposite of how we normally function in “fight or flight” mode. Benson postulates that regulated breathing can help change many aspects of stress including panic, headache, or even muscle tension. Watch him speak below—and learn how breathe deeply and intentionally with a private yoga session with Wellnest. Get more info on how to book a session here!

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