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Here’s Inspiration To Do #YogaEveryDamnDay

By Kou Shane Collins

For the yoga enthusiasts who love posting their poses on Instagram, this # (hashtag) is a great outlet to show what you’ve got. Even if you don’t post your yoga pictures every day, you don’t need to! You can get inspired by people all over the world, doing it on your behalf. On top of that, they can give you inspiration on places to take your practice.

Here’s a list of my favorite posts using #yogaeverydamnday:

Who needs an even surface? Yoga can be done anywhere, at any time, and its great to see people do yoga in nature, outdoors, and can be very present to the beauties of nature.

Again with the nature element. If you want a little more seclusion going where there are trees is a great place to practice. In the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, Professor Jules Pretty explains that both exposure to nature and physical activity improve health, however her research team looked to see if there was a link to to physical activity in nature. The results concluded that there is a “synergistic effect of green exercise in both rural and urban environments. By contrast, both rural and urban unpleasant scenes reduced the positive effects of exercise on self-esteem.” (Pretty et al, 2005)

LIFE IS ABOUT LEARNING. It’s easy to see all of the crazy poses people showcase on Instagram and strive for that. We see the people that we consider as experts and want to learn from them. But what we often times forget is how many teachers we are already surrounded by. One thing I’ve finally learned is that it’s not about the poses but actually about the journey you go on to get to that point. Obviously I still like to try to learn new poses 😬 but that’s just not the most important thing! I strive to be a student to my practice, in my relationships, and in every area of life. As we continue to progress it’s easy to shut out learning opportunities. It’s easy to tell ourselves that we know best or that certain people don’t have anything to teach us. But another thing I’ve learned in the last couple of years is how much we can learn from others. Everyone and everything that comes into our lives has something to teach us if we let it. Open your mind and heart to new ideas, to new relationships, and to new experiences and see how much you can really grow! 🌱 . . 📸 @mtthwso . . . . #healthylifestyle #healthychoice #yogaforall #yogatime #yogafam #yogastrong #yogaflow #yogalovers #yogabeyond #yogini #yogilifestyle #yogilates #yogiintraining #yogigirl #yogaforgrowth #yoga365 #yogastudio #yogaathome #yogaposes #yogaclass #yogavideo #yogamat #fitspiration #fitnessjourney #fitnessgoals #fitgoals #fitlife #healthy #healthybody

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Stemming from the last image, yoga is also great to do in urban settings. The Pretty et al study showed a correlation between increased self-esteem and physical activity in pleasant urban settings. (Pretty et al 2005). Your environment is part of your practice. Make sure to choose one that suits you.

Yoga is your practice. Do what you want with it. Do it where you want. Why not do yoga in a physically pleasant location where there are wonderful views. Be appreciative of everything around you, and truly enjoy your experience.

It’s that time of year again 👯👯 we’re off to a cabin in the woods for the next four days. See y’all in 2017 ✌🏼✨ #YMGdoesNYE

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Since this is your practice, do what you want with it. That can include enjoying your practice with your friends and family, or completely in solitude. Whatever the case is, remember it’s your practice.

If you post in #yogaeverydamnday we may choose your photo and do a write up about it. So if you enjoyed the read, remember to post using that # (hashtag).

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