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4 Ways You Can Add Nutrition To Those Heavy Winter Meals

During the winter, it’s easy to want to bulk up on sugar, champagne and starches. During this time, it’s okay to indulge in comfort foods–our bodies are working harder to stay warm. But that doesn’t mean you should skimp on nutrition when you’re after something soothing.

We were inspired by mindbodygreen with this article. Read the rest of the tips here. 

Add turmeric to your meals. Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory–and when you’re loading up on sugar and other inflammatory starches, your body will need this antioxidant rich spice to level everything out.

Stop using refined sugar in everything. Eat your cookies–but eat them with care. Try natural sweeteners like honey or coconut sugar. You can even use dates!

Get gluten and grain-free. You can use almond meal for the above cookies, or try skipping out on the bread and eating cauliflower rice instead.

Ramp up your winter metabolism with ginger. You can add it to veggies, make an easy tea out of it, or make a delish ginger and turmeric latte that’s great after a winter run! We love this recipe from Goop. 

Also, don’t skimp out on the exercise during winter. If you feel like it’s too cold to go outside, bring the exercise to you with yoga in the warmth of your home with Wellnest. Get more info here. 




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