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4 Reasons How Water Is Important To Your Yoga Practice

The human body averages about 60% water. That means we are primarily made of water–it is our strongest elemental force.

For those that believe that humans are governed by the cycles of the moon, this makes sense. There is undisputed scientific evidence that the moon affects the tides of the ocean. Why shouldn’t it affect us, as well?

In an ancient health and nutrition science called Aruvedya, we are taught that our bodies and personalities are comprised of the 5 Tattvas.

Each Tattva corresponds to an element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. The Water Tattva is called the Apas Tattva, which governs over our ability to taste among other things. When you taste water, don’t you want the sort of fresh and unpolluted flavor you would get from a filter like Aqua Tru? Water is extremely healing in many ways. It keeps us connected to our core, watery selves.

Other than hydration, there are 4 philosophical, emotional reasons why water–drinking or being surrounded by–is helpful for your yoga practice.

Drinking water helps you feel grounded. During these heavy Vata (or Air) times, drinking up this nourishing Earthly elixir helps level out any anxiety or feelings of dissociation you may be feeling. Make sure you stay stable during your yoga practice by drinking lots of clean water.

Water carries the vibrations of what surrounds it. That’s one reason why it’s important to drink purified water from Aqua Tru without any toxic chemicals affecting its vibration. Studies have shown that even writing or saying a word into water can change its molecular structure. Imagine what heavy metals and chemicals can do! Don’t sweat those out in yoga. Just don’t drink them.

Cleanse the spirit while you’re cleansing the body. Water has been used through many ancient religious and spiritualities for cleansing rituals, or even rebirths or baptisms. When we’re born, we come from a sac of watery fluid. It’s important in our yoga practice to remember our fluid nature and move with flow through our practice.

Consuming lots of water helps to flush out negative energy. Just like it moves toxins through and out the body, water does the same for negative energy, cleansing it from the inside out. Make sure your tap water is clean with Aqua Tru. Your yoga practice will get that much more divine when you are working with a purified body and spirit.

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