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Free Yoga Friday: Wellnest’s CEO Eron Zehavi Wants Everyone & Everybody Doing Yoga

Here at Wellnest, we want everyone to experience that blissed-out post-yoga feeling that is more than necessary during these times. The holidays, post-election and more; 2016 has been a rough year, but yoga is here to help you move through.

Read Eron’s note below, and if you’d like to experience a completely free private yoga session, email me ( with an inspiring story to get the code! Or just comment below!


Leave a JOYFUL/EXCITED/INSPIRING comment below and you will be rewarded with a free private yoga session for you or a friend from Wellnest! Spread love and experience the benefit and beauty of working with a certified, professional teacher, in the comfort of your own home, going through a personalized yoga session that is tailor made just for YOU!
Comments that will get you a free yoga session include(but are not limited to):
1) Whooopeee!!!
2) “Who on Earth do you think you are? A Superstar. Well right you are! ~John Lennon
3) I love happy rainbow yoga unicorns!
4) Today is a wonderful day to be alive.
5) Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Please share this message if you would like to pass on happiness and the gift of yoga 🙂


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