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10 Best Yoga Poses To Do While Stuck In An Airport

Jetsetting around the world is bliss to the average globe-trotting yogi, but even the most grounded of us can succumb to stress while traveling during the holidays.

Type Whatever personalities can turn into Type A the minute things start going wrong.

The cold, the chaos, the crowds. We all need some respite, a yoga pose (or 10) that we can whip out in case of a layover emergency.

Here’s 10 of our favorite airport asana with links to videos on how to do the poses! Before your trip, you can also get one of our talented teachers to you door to show you some moves when you’re on the go.

Need some ideas for presents for your favorite yogi? We’ve got 8 of our faves here. 

  1. Tree pose for balance in an unbalanced world. 
  2. Forward bend–stretch it all out and get the blood flowing to your all your limbs. 
  3. Downward facing dog at the wall or Half Dog to get into those tight shoulders from carrying all that luggage! 
  4. Standing cat-cow to get your spinal fluid moving & open up your heart chakra. 
  5. Half moon pose against the wall to help blood move from out of your legs from all that sitting! 
  6. Standing side stretch. Deceptively simple but oh-so-juicy. Great to work out those travel kinks. 
  7. Life nerve stretch. Move energy around your body with breath–and help your sciatica! 
  8. Child pose or baby pose. Show the world you’re grateful & block out the noise in your own little bubble. 
  9. Mountain pose.  Simply just concentrating and breathing can be enough. 
  10.  Legs up the wall…get that blood pumping back to the heart and relieve anxiety! 


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