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3 Reasons Why Men Should Do More Yoga

Yoga is for everybody and every body. Not just slim women can do yoga; there’s a yoga for every physical type and every gender. The practice of yoga is extremely healing for the male body–it helps to regulate hormones, stretch out muscles after strenuous exercise or even just to ground yourself after a stressful day.

Here’s six reasons dudes should do yoga inspired by doyouyoga.com…read the other six on their website!

  1. You are flexible…when you do yoga! Lack of flexibility isn’t a good excuse for not doing yoga because yoga is the exact thing that will make you more flexible.
  2. Injured? Try yoga. Guys love to do very action-oriented and hardcore exercises. From lifting to running, all of these can lead to injury if you’re not stretching correctly. Yoga can help!
  3. Level out your testosterone to help you stay young. Yoga can help you deal with your hormones–and it also helps get rid of stress.

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