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Patagonia Raises $10M From Black Friday Sales, Donates All To Save The Environment

This is how change happens. Major retailer, Patagonia, promised all its Black Friday sales to environmental causes. And then subsequently made $10 million dollars.

Huffington Post calls this number “record-breaking,” while we are completely inspired.



Corley Kenna, a company spokesperson for Patagonia, was the product of a “internal brainstorming” sesh after the election.

“We felt that these were issues that united us and I think this is a demonstration that people agree,” Kenna said to Huffington Post. “Our customers agree.”

Patagonia aren’t the only ones who were inspired. Reports show that after the election, millions of dollars were donated to civil rights causes including over $7 million to the ACLU five days after the election. Read our post about it here. 

Wellnest was also inspired with the creation of Wellnest For All. 10% of our gross profits always go to charitable causes, but for the month of December, 100% of our gross profits will be going to charity. To book a session and give yoga to those in need, go to! 



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