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Yoga Can Help You Have Stress Free Thanksgiving Cooking

Perusing Facebook, even amongst the most grounded of us, you see humorous hashtags that read: #xanaxthanksgiving with jokes of stuffing their Tofurkeys with anti-anxiety medication. It’s times like this that it’s important to remember what Thanksgiving can be–a time for family and gratitude.

Forget the original mandated reasons for the holiday and think like a yogi. Every moment we can gather together and connect is a time to work through challenges and evolve. Implementing your yogic tools and understanding the art of gratitude can help. When you cook, it’s especially important because you are infusing your food with the energy of your spirit; negative and positive.

Chrissy Carter from Yoga Journal just wrote a thought-provoking piece on this called Stress-Free Thanksgiving Cooking is Possible–With Yoga.

On Fear of Failure on Thanksgiving Day: 

“I’ve come to think that a botched attempt at cooking Thanksgiving dinner may actually be another opportunity to live your yoga. Some of the best memories are born of the times when nothing goes according to plan—when you’re forced to surrender. It’s often in those moments that you get to know your own resilience and experience a true connection to the moment. One year my apple pie fell apart, and I had no backup plan and a table full of guests awaiting dessert. I decided to scoop out the apple filling and spoon it over some vanilla ice cream. No one knew the difference; in fact, it was a huge hit! It’s often when things fall apart that you realize just how much you limit yourself with your own expectations. Opening yourself up to life often results in experiencing something greater than you could have imagined.”

On Treating Cooking Like Yoga:

“Cooking, like yoga, is about connecting to yourself in the moment. Asana instructions such as “stand equally on all four corners of your feet” become useful only when you can feel them in your own body. Similarly, a recipe is only a guideline. Great cooking happens when you listen to your gut, trust your instincts, and make the recipe your own.”

Read more inspiration at Yoga Journal.

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