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President-Elect Trump’s Election Is Inspiring People To Donate More To Charity

There’s a quote that says “Too many people miss a silver lining because they’re expecting gold.” Donald Trump being elected to President of the United States of America may just have an unexpected silver lining that even the most progressive of yogis can get behind. What’s that?

People are mobilizing and now more inspired than ever to give back to their community. Business Insider reports that the ACLU has received an astronomical $7.2 million in donations the last five days. Other charitable organizations and civil liberties groups that have received donations include Planned Parenthood with 80,000 donations–many in Mike Pence’s name–The Trevor Project, Center For Reproductive Rights, ProPublica, The Council On American-Islamic Relations and the International Refugee Assistance Project.

There’s even a hilariously-named website called RageDonate that popped up that encourages those who disagree with some of Trump’s statements to donate to the cause instead of just being an online social justice warrior.

If you didn’t know, part of Wellnest’s mission is Wellnest For All. We are committed to giving 10% of our proceeds to charitable organizations. When you book a private yoga class at, you aren’t just helping yoga teachers pay their bills, but helping the world!




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