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Practicing Yoga Can Help With The “Post-Election” Blues

This year’s election definitely left a sour taste in even the most non-reactive yogi’s mouth. As much as we strive for “the path of least resistance,” our human experience can be upsetting. That’s one of the reasons why we practice yoga. So that we can function in a sometimes dysfunctional, albeit beautiful world.

Our Chief Yoga Officer, Richard, recently wrote on the way to handle the world post-election as a yogi. And the New York Times just wrote an interesting article on the usage of not only yoga, but other proactive self-care techniques, and how they help you through the toughest of times.

Brooklyn-based yoga studio, Shaktibarre, turned a “yoga and smoothie” event into a sounding board for those feeling depressed from the election results. Manpreet Katari, who was leading the workshop, reiterated that doing yoga helped people who felt “beaten up” regain “composure” and “gather strength.”

During this week when we are called on to be grateful, one of the biggest ways you can give back to the world is to give back to yourself. A minute of deep breathing. Remembering to honor your feelings. Understanding that perfection is an illusion. And that it’s fine to stand up for yourself, speak your truth and say it with passion. Yoga gives us grace to follow our hearts to their fullest potential.

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