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Manifesting Gratitude In Your Yoga Practice

By Richard Wegman, Chief Yoga Officer

Whatever your action,
Food or worship;
Whatever the gift
That you give to another;
Whatever you vow
To the work of the spirit. . .
Lay these also
As offerings before Me.
Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9

You can approach yoga from many different paths, all lead to the same place–self awareness.

Study, physical practice, devotion, service or meditation; pick your medicine.

Dive in and see what happens. Do it all with complete awareness, focus, attention and allow yourself the opportunity to change your mind. This, in and of itself, is a form of non-attachment. This is the ultimate yogic practice. Let go and let the flow in.

Move from one path to the other in a free-flowing way.

For those that don’t know, the different paths of yoga and their Sanskrit names are:

Jnana, the path of wisdom
Bhakti, the path of Devotion
Karma or Seva (service), the Path of selfless action
Hatha, the Path of the Body
Raja, the path of meditation

With Thanksgiving approaching, I want to speak to the path of Service or Seva. In yoga, service is selfless service, a giving that has no expectations for getting back. No applause, no praise, no boost to the ego.

Just giving.

This practice, and it is a practice, will create a oneness with humanity and you will begin to see that oneness in all. This is the path of following your dharma, doing what you were meant to do.

Let the doer go and let all that remains be the action, the selfless service.

Let your practice this week be one that connects you to the Mother, the earth. Even in feeling how you are a grounded in your yoga poses, find a way to include the Earth. Honor the water, by seeing where you can find softness. Feel the fire by seeing where strength is appropriate.  Manifest Air by using your ujjayi breath, your pranayama. For the 5th Element space, where can you find space in your pose? How can you be present and peaceful?

Invoke all the elements and let gratitude rise up in you, let it fill you, let it be so.

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