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Ways To Clear Your Throat Chakra & Speak Your Truth

Everyone has a story. But not everyone has the power to speak it. For whatever reasons, our throat chakra–or our ability to communicate from our heart–is dampened. It could be the result of prior trauma, or life lessons that haven’t been processed. Or it could just have been the way you’ve been raised. But living authentically, especially post-election, is tied into how you express your truth on a day-to-day level. Can you do it gracefully or will you quell your inner fire in order to keep the peace? In a yogic practice, you learn how to do both.

Author Emma Whitehair tells The Numinous ways to open your throat chakra. Here’s a brief rundown:

  1. Step Back In Time: What is the story that created your inability to speak?
  2. Soul Mantra: Choose one that helps you tap into your core being. One good, simple one she chooses is “I love myself as I am.”
  3. Sound Healing: When it doubt, sing (drum, or gong) it out. Say what you can’t say through words, through instruments.
  4. Do Yoga!: Poses like shoulder stand and fish pose help to open the throat chakra. Not sure how to do these pose? Get a skilled yoga teacher through the Wellnest app. 

Read the rest at The Numinous. 


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