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Are You A Yoga Beginner? Jessamyn Stanley Talks About The Fear Of Starting Yoga

Jessamyn Stanley is an amazing yoga teacher who advocates yoga for every body. She even has a book out called Every Body Yoga. Let Go Of Fear. Get On The Mat. Love Your Body.

Here are some great quotes from her Yoga Journal interview that will help you let go of your fear as a beginner–and just do yoga!

On motivation:

I’ve become accustomed to motivation’s inconsistent presence in my life, and I’ve accepted that it would be foolish to expect anything else. Instead, I focus on doing the things that make me feel good, and yoga makes me feel better than anything else. On days when I’m undermotivated, I can still remember how good the practice makes me feel and so I drag my ass to the mat. Once I get on my yoga mat, it doesn’t matter if I’m motivated, because it would be too disappointing to put the mat away. That’s my advice—just get on the mat.”

On yoga fear:

“Even after years of practicing, it’s extremely common for yoga teachers to struggle just like any new practitioner. The difference is what happens when we face our weaknesses. For example, after falling into the aforementioned heap, did you continue to lie helplessly in a pool of your own sweat and tears, crying for someone to come pick you up and drag you out of yoga class? Or did you get back up and try the pose again?”

On having a body you don’t define as a yoga body:

“There are a million reasons why you might think your body is specifically ill-equipped to practice yoga asana. Maybe you are coming to yoga immediately after pregnancy, or after suffering a major injury. Maybe you’re very fat, and you think that I’m too “skinny fat” to understand the struggles of a real fat person. The fact of the matter is that yoga is for everyone, regardless of what your mind might be telling you.”

Read the rest at Yoga Journal.

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