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It’s Cool To Be Kind: Google Says The Best Workplaces Are Kind Ones

Google discovered what yogis have known for years—the best places to work are the ones where kindness is king. Google participated in a multi-year survey called Project Aristotle and learned through speaking to hundreds of people that employees thrive in kind environments.

According to the New York Times, when creating a perfect team, Google discovered it’s “better to put introverts together” (no talking over cubicles to distract them) and that “teams are more effective when everyone is friends out of work.” People who work well together respect each other’s emotions, practice conscientious communication and let everyone participate in the conversation.

In yogic principles, the way you interact with others dictates whether your emotions turn into commotion or devotion. This devotion could easily be to your team, as it could be to your spiritual practice. And what is work if not the ultimate challenge at taking your practice off the mat and into the world? As a yoga teacher (or yoga student!) how do you take your yoga practice into your everyday life?

Read more at the NY Times.

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