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Why (& How) You Should Clean Your Yoga Mat

Whether you’re into sweaty vinyasa classes where you spend your sivasana in a puddle or you just gently lay your forward on the mat during child’s pose, your mat is probably full of germs!

Just like bedding, towels or workout clothing, your mat needs tender loving care so that you don’t end up coughing your way through cow’s pose.

“Yoga mats are the worst,” said yogi and doctor, Robert Lahita, MD, a professor of medicine at Rutgers School of Medicine to Elle. “A yoga mat is a perfect incubator for many of our skin infections…The yoga mat is a very fertile source for infection, mainly because people sweat on them and they are rarely cleaned.”

So, how do you clean your yoga mat? According to Well + Good, here’s some yoga mat do’s that you probably need to start doing asap.

1)    Clean your mat at least weekly.

2)    Use a natural solution like 50% water/ 50% vinegar combined with tea tree oil, lavender or thyme.

3)    If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, use yoga wipes.

4)    Don’t use soap (especially the unnatural stuff) because that could break apart your mat.

5)    Don’t toss your mat in the washing machine—but you can cover it in a towel that you wash!

6)    Don’t dry it in the sun—this will also degrade your mat.

What are your yoga mat cleansing tips and tricks? Let us know!

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