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A Yogi’s Reflection On The Election

By Richard Wegman, Wellnest CYO

The Election is finally over. Whether it went your way or didn’t, we as both a society and individuals are in store for something different. Being flexible with the change in the world is where yoga comes in.

Most people have a resistance to change. Yoga teaches us how to accept change. When you’re in the middle of a yoga session and something isn’t working for you, you have to change something, maybe your breath, or the strength or the softness.  Off the mat, you may be having a tough day at home or at work, once you notice, you adjust, you change, you move forward with grace. You can still be passionate, active and working towards a goal, it is just you do it with equanimity, the balance of the feminine and the masculine

There’s the temptation to go into a fight or flight reaction when things change. All changes bring up fear, dread, anger or resistance. These are merely symptoms of holding on. Once you recognize these symptoms for what they are, you will learn that the best step you can take is to relinquish attachment.

As one of my teachers said, let the river take you downstream. Be in flow, be relaxed; don’t fight it.  Don’t try to swim upstream or even across it. Let go, un-clutch.

So when you find yourself in a challenging situation, use your practice from on the mat to adjust to the situation.   First notice. Notice your reactions, your feelings, your breath.  Then relax, focus, deepen the breath and go forward with grace.

This is the practice. This is yoga.

Now take that off the mat and into your world.  

Be the change you want to see in the world,



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